Trouble creating a module

I am trying to find a way to present a selection box of each category to the User from a database, then the User selects the categories they need, DJANGO then creates a new table for the User with all the information they selected, finally each row is presented from the new table to the User where certain columns are prefilled from the database but the User completes the rest of the columns and once that is done the User completed information is saved to the new table and the next row is presented to the User. Once all rows are completed the completed table is saved. Does anyone know how to creae something like this or where can I find information to create something like this?

Simply put, Django isn’t designed to allow for the dynamic creation of database tables. (I know this type of topic has been raised before, but I can’t seem to find more than a couple of the relevant threads.)

For some of the other discussions on this, see:


(There might be one or two more, but I can’t seem to find them at the moment.)

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Thank you for the information, is there another way for me to accomplish what I am trying to do? What if I create a separate python module that creates a table from the filtered information from the database and then create a loop that presents the information to the user 1 row at a time until the table in the module is completed and then export the table to a csv? That way I can use the database a static source of information, and if that is possible do you know where I can go to find out how to do that?

One common pattern for this would be to just create a table (or set of tables) with each model having an FK to User - allowing all the data for every user to be stored in the same table.

So don’t think in terms of “creating tables” for users, but think about it in terms of “saving rows of data in existing tables” with sets of rows assigned to Users.

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