Trouble Deletion Field from models - Validation Error Persists

Hello fellow Django developers,

I’m currently facing an issue in my Django project that’s been puzzling me for a while. I had a field in my model and corresponding form that I decided to remove. After removing the field from both the model and the form, I thought everything should be fine, but I’m still encountering a validation error when trying to add a new object through the form.

I’ve carefully gone through my code to ensure that I’ve removed all references to the deleted field, and I’ve checked my migrations as well. However, the validation error keeps appearing, indicating that the field is still required somehow.

I’ve tried the following steps, but none of them seem to resolve the issue:

Cleared all migrations From cache files and recreated them.
Flushed the database

I’m suspecting that there might be some residual data or references lingering somewhere that I’m not aware of, causing this validation error to persist. I’d greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or debugging tips from those who have encountered similar situations before.

If you need code snippets or more information to better understand the problem, please let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to provide them.

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance!

After removing the field from the model, did you run the makemigrations / migrate?

Yes i did, i even deleted migration files and recreated the tables from zero

The next step then would be for you to post your Act model along with your ModelAdmin class being used for it.