Tutorial template filter 'pluralize' with attribute lookup

I’m a little confused because I’m getting a literal render of this line I copied from tutorial

{{ choice.choice_text }} -- {{ choice.votes }} vote{{ choice.votes|pluralize

The first two are interpreted but the last one is rendering literally in the browser without evaluating beforehand. I see

4 vote{{ choice.votes|pluralize }}

Django version 4.1.2

Please copy a larger context of your template - perhaps 3-4 lines on each side of this line.

{% for choice in question.choice_set.all %}
    {{ choice.choice_text }} -- {{ choice.votes }} vote{{ choice.votes|pluralize
  {% endfor %}

Ok this is literally copied and pasted from tutorial (to my code). What’s interesting is if I supply an integer the pluralize works.

The formatting here shows the closing braces on a separate line. Is that the case in your template or an artifact of posting it here?

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Hmm yes thank you that seems to be the issue. Something to do with format on save with black / autopep8a or prettier in VS Code