Unable to Select env in Command Palette

I am in the process of setting up my environment for Django using the VSC Editor and am having an issue.

  • I have a folder called web_sites.
  • Inside that folder I created a new folder called django_project
  • I navigated to the django_project folder and ran : $ python -m venv .env
  • From the top menu in the VSC Editor, I selected Command Palette.
  • Then selected: Python: Select Interpreter
  • From the drop down that appeared, I was not able to select the .env as
    is was not showing. I only had 2 options:
    • my main folder or Entire Workspace

Not sure how to resolve this issue.

Thank you.

Looking under the python settings, there’s a setting for “Python: Env File” that identifies a file named “.env” as being a “file containing environment variable definitions.” Possibly some mix-up there due to names?

The docs at Using Python Environments in Visual Studio Code seem to recommend that you name the directory .venv, not .env.