unique constraint error when editing record

IntegrityError at /player/edit/2
UNIQUE constraint failed: players_player.id

I’ve set up a CRUD interface using generic views (CreateView, DetailView…) and am having trouble with the UpdateView (which I call EditView).

IntegrityError at /player/edit/2/

UNIQUE constraint failed: players_player.id

I have a default number for the player ranking, though I want that to be automatically determined based on the number of available players. When I try to update it on the form, I get the above error. I’m puzzled by this error since I’m not trying to create a new player. Also, if I open the SQLite database using a DB reader, it looks like I simply have four records with PKs 1 - 4. Why does Django think I’m violating the uniqueness constraint?

Here is the model:
class Player(models.Model):
# Availability choice list
available = ‘AVL’
injured = ‘INJ’
away = ‘AWY’
retired = ‘RET’
(available, ‘available’),
(injured, ‘injured’),
(away, ‘out of town’),
(retired, ‘retired’)

# Player fields
first = models.CharField('First Name', max_length=30)
last = models.CharField('Last Name', max_length=30)
cell = models.CharField('Cell Phone', max_length=12)
email = models.EmailField('Email') # changed field type
availability = models.CharField('Availability', choices = AVAILABILITY_CHOICES, \
                                 max_length = 15, default='AVL')
ranking = models.IntegerField(default = 99)

def __str__(self):
    full_name = self.first + ' ' + self.last + ' ' + str(self.ranking)
    return full_name

the urlpatterns list contains:
path(‘player/edit/int:pk/’, PlayerEditView.as_view(), name=‘player_edit’),

class PlayerListView(ListView):
model = Player
template_name = ‘players_list.html’

class PlayerEditView(UpdateView):
model =Player
context_object_name = ‘player’
fields = [‘ranking’, ‘first’, ‘last’, ‘cell’, ‘email’, ‘availability’]
template_name = ‘player_edit.html’

And the template contains this relevant portion…

{% csrf_token %} {{ form.as_table }} (for some reason the input field does not show up in the UsingDjango post) (it contains input type = "submit value = "Update")
{% endblock content %}

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