Uploading .xml file errors

I have an API call that currently utilizes a file upload. I’ve been able to successfully save a local copy of the file when the file extension is a .json. However, if I try to upload a .xml file, I get a ‘ERR I/O operation on closed file.’ I can’t seem to find a way to save off this uploaded .xml file. Is there special handling I need to do for this to work?

Currently, when passing the file upload from my frontend, I’m using fetch with a formData field where the file is coming from an html input element, like so:

    accept=".json, .xml"

In my django backend, I’m attempting to save like so:

uploaded_file = request.FILES["file"]
fs = FileSystemStorage()   
new_name = fs.save(uploaded_file.name, uploaded_file)

This method is working great for my .json file, but breaks for .xml. Anyone know why this would be happening or what I can do to allow loading an xml??

Welp, it turns out we had some validation logic in place that was parsing the XML inappropriately, which was causing the error…not to future selves, be smarter with validation so you don’t mess up the byte stream of the file…