Urls designing confusing

from django.urls import path

from . import views

urlpatterns = [
path(‘bands/’, views.band_listing, name=‘band-list’),
path(‘bands/int:band_id/’, views.band_detail, name=‘band-detail’),
path(‘bands/search/’, views.band_search, name=‘band-search’),

Here is name = ‘band-list’ any special words or arguments or any thing we can write.

Hi, I don’t understand your question. Can you ellaborate a bit more?

The above code i have copied from documentation, its about designing urls.
In the above code i didnt understand
“”"""" name=‘band-list’ “”"" in line no 5 on the code.

It’s a good practice to set the name property in your url patterns, to be able to reverse URLs. Take a look at this example.