Urls.py and any of the views are not reloading (cache???)

Dear All,

Let me ask for help as I am out of ideas. On a Windows machine in localhost I am developing a modified ticketing system based on Django-Todo. There is a login application and a todo app properly attached to it having multiple views properly working. However when I add any new view, I get a 404 error and Django lists all the different locations where it is looking for the views, but the newly defined one is not there. Ever more strangely, if I comment out an existing and working view, still it is appearing on the website. So neither updates to views, nor urls.py seem to be working. I suspected that it was a caching issue, so deleted all .pyc files from the folders, still no help. Has anyone come across such an issue? Can I force Django to completely reload all files from scratch? Any ideas are welcome, thank you very much.

In this a production instance running within a web server or a development instance running under runserver (or runserver_plus)?

Either way, you’re likely going to need to restart your app server to have the changes show up.