Use php session in django app

Greeting every one
i have question and i would like to ask if its possible to use all session in php from the same domain like for example
$_SESSION[‘id_user_from’] created by session_start and many others created in php source code ,is it possible to call and see the values of those parametres in django?

In theory it would be possible to create a session manager that the two environments could share. There’s nothing available by default to do so though.

It’s not just an issue of having both systems sharing the same storage engine and that the session ids need to be shared, but you’d also have to ensure that the manner in which the objects are stored in the session can be used by both.

thanks Mr Ken can you please guid me how to do so i will appreciate it

You’ll have to research how PHP creates and manages their sessions, figure out how to direct those sessions to a mutually-accessible data store, identify how PHP stores data in that data store, and then write a session middleware package for Django to be able to use it. Then you need to ensure that both environments are sharing the same cookies so that the browser supplies the same token to both system.