user is anonymous despite the user is logged in

Hi everyone, I hope you are fine.
I have a project using vue and django rest and I have done the authentication by djoser.
When a user logs in, a token would be set and the user can login to the website correctly but in when I use self.request.user in get_queryset(self) function it says that the user is anonymous.
I will thank if anyone give me a piece of advice.

login axios code in vue js file:

        axios.defaults.headers.common["Authorization"] = ""

        const formData = {
            username: this.username,
            password: this.password
        }"/api/v1/token/login/", formData)
            .then(response => { 
                const token =

                this.$store.commit('setToken', token)
                axios.defaults.headers.common["Authorization"] = "Token " + token

                localStorage.setItem("token", token)  


And in the I have put:


and two lines of my about djoser:

path('api/v1/', include('djoser.urls')),
path('api/v1/', include('djoser.urls.authtoken')),