Using a function stored in sql server inside an annotate in a django query

I have a problem using a function stored in sql server within an annotate in a django query (Django 3.2.7).

This is the function call in django:

def informacion_proveedor(codigo_integracion):
    params = [codigo_integracion]
    with connections['default'].cursor() as cursor:
        query = "SELECT dbo.ufn_InformacionProveedor(%s)"
        result = cursor.execute(query, params)
        return result.fetchone()[0]

This is the query (It is in a file set as maganer of the model ):

def reporte_orden_compra(self, id_comprador, lista_proveedores):
    query = self.filter(IdProveedor__in=lista_proveedores, activo=1)\
            .annotate(   plan_tarifario=informacion_proveedor(codigo_integracion=F('IdProveedor__CodigoIntegracion')))

and I get this error

('Invalid parameter type.  param-index=0 param-type=F', 'HY105')

however, I can execute it correctly when I pass it a normal string.