Using Different Authentication Backends & Models For Two Apps In A Project

I have been building this app for months now, it is a multivendor app project with two apps “buyer” and “seller”. Now, my issue is relating to using two auth_user_models and two authentication backends without the need to create a common model for both buyer model and seller model to inherit.

Can i have two apps in a project and use two authentication backends for both apps, can i also use different models for both apps? Does django allow using different auth_user_models for two different apps in one project?

I do not want buyers or sellers to have user accounts during registration, i want a buyer account to be created instantly after registration, same thing for sellers. I do not want a user account or custom user account to be created first before creating a seller or buyer instance. I need help on this.

Do yourself a favor and do not do this.

Have one user model with one authentication back end. Use something like a “user profile” to make the distinction between the two types of user.