Using the same input for two fields on the same form

Hello! Sorry, I’m a newbie with Django and the answer to my question may be obvious (but not to me).

I have a form and I need to use in a hidden field the same data that the user entered in another field in order to submit both. I wouldn’t want to use Javascript for this. Is it possible to implement this using Django Forms and how can I do it more correctly?

Thank you.

I’m not sure I understand your question.

What I’m reading here leads me to believe that you want one input field in an html form, and have that value assigned to two fields in the Django form, is that correct?

If so, at what point in the process does this need to occur? (What are you doing with the data after it has been submitted?)

Yes, you are correct.

I want to use this form to create a new instance of a class from a user model and then send the data to the LDAP server to create a new directory entry.

It’s something like this: Writing a Custom Signup Form in Django | Reintech media

So where does the duplication of data come into play here? It may be helpful if you posted the relevant blocks of code (form, model, view) involved with this.