Validate datetime in Django

I have form with one datetime field.
How can i validate that date is valid (for example doesn’t have any letters) ?
I was trying do that by clean function in
valid_date = isinstance(duel_date, datetime.datetime)
But is not working


What’s not working? Do you have any error message? It’s not validating anything?

If you want to validate only one field, remember you need to create a method named clean_<your_field_name> inside your form. Validating a specific field

Also, if you’re using HTML templates, it’s good to define the field input type to leverage browser validations.
Take a look at this example of a datetime-local input (At the moment it only works with Chrome, Edge)

I got that problem, if i put i date field for example:
2021-05-03 22:18:10 abc
Then clean_<your_field_name> is not proceed becouse form is invalid (invalid input).

Ok. Did you check the form errors to see what’s making it invalid?