ValueError: Missing staticfiles manifest entry for '/js/jquery.min.js'

Hey there, This is for production ENV where debug is false

I have added STATICFILES_STORAGE = ‘’ in settings file.
run, collectstatic command after deleting previous static folder, as per doc, its able to create cache files. but some how getting

ValueError: Missing staticfiles manifest entry for '/js/jquery.min.js'

where /js/jquery.min.js is statc file.

More info
STATIC_URL = ‘static/’
STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, ‘static/’)

the URL gives 500 due to this.

but if I change DEBUG to True, it able to serve cache files correctly.

Hi there, any help on this?@KenWhitesell, Tagging you since I dont know anyone here.

Please don’t ever tag any specific individual requesting assistance. We are all volunteers here, answering questions as time, knowledge, and energy allows. (Also, as one of the moderators here, I consider it my responsibility to read every post.)

At the moment, I don’t have any ideas - but I will respond if something comes to mind. I know we use that storage in a couple of our projects, but I don’t recall off-hand ever having that problem. You could try deleting the existing manifest file and rerunning collectstatic to see what it generates - then manually validating its contents to the files copied to the static directory.

Okay fine. will check and revert you outcome

What version of Django and Python are you using?

Are you getting this in the collectstatic command? Or is this error coming from somewhere else? (If so, where?)

Note, the STATICFILES_STORAGE setting is deprecated as of Django 4.2, which means it will be going away in Django 5.1. See Django Deprecation Timeline | Django documentation | Django

  1. That error comes after collectstatic command run. not during.
    Current version is Django==4.2.11, since STATICFILES_STORAGE is deprecated, should I use like this.
    STORAGES = { "default": {"BACKEND": ""}, "staticfiles": {"BACKEND": ""}, } if not DEBUG: STORAGES['staticfiles'] = {"BACKEND": ""}

Please provide more details. When, and under what conditions, are you getting this message? Also, please clarify, are you getting this error only with this specific file, or are you getting it with every static file being referenced?

Also please describe your deployment environment. (I’m assuming this is your production environment because you’re running with DEBUG=False.)