Want to add security to my django project

I want to send my Django logs to an siem such as Splunk and add more security features. Can any one guide me with this?

In general, I’ve seen splunk work more on a “pull” configuration and not “push”, so getting splunk set up to ingest the Django-related logs is an issue of configuring splunk for the location of those log files.

In this case, that set should include both your webserver logs (nginx / uwsgi / gunicorn / whatever) and any Django-specific logs you might be generating.

Always validate user input to prevent malicious data from being submitted. This includes checking for SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, and other types of vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, implement robust authentication and authorization mechanisms like Django’s built-in authentication system or third party liberaries such as django REST framework to control access to your project resources.