What's the difference between 'pip install django-heroku' and 'pip install django-on-heroku ' ?

When I run pip install django-heroku or pipenv install django-heroku on my python virtual environment then it shows me an error .
The error is : Error: An error occurred while installing django-heroku!

But when I run pip install django-on-heroku then there were no error . And it successfully install ‘heroku’ . But the main problem is that when I want to import ‘heroku’ from django then I didn’t import it . On the other hand , I could import ‘django-on-heroku’ perfectly. Actually, what’s going here ?

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They are two entirely different projects.


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Can you please give me the documentation link for django-on-heroku ? I don’t find the doc for django-on-heroku . Actually , I found all the documentation on djnago-heroku but I can’t find any documentation on django-on-heroku .

I’m sorry, I don’t have anything beyond what I linked to. If there’s a specific documentation page for it, I don’t know what it is.