when reload a part o a page memory grows in browser

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I have installed django app developed by me. I configured Apache and mod_wsgi with processes=3 and threads=1 but the memory used by the browser grows eternally up to ram installed (8gb). I tested more browser and the best is edge consuming only about 500mb of memory. but grows…

In the app there is a script for reload a part of a page and this part is a view and extend base.html of a app.

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This is not a Django issue. It’s strictly up to the browser to manage its own memory. Chrome has a tendency to use as much memory as available to aggressively cache data. The (relatively) little amount of data used by a page itself is negligible. Where the memory is going to be used is by assets like JavaScript code and images (or similar media).

ok thanks for the reply I suspect this. The computer where the app work are very slowly and sometimes crash for out of memory because firefox goes to up 6gb of RAM. I tried edge after settings DaemonProcess of Django app with process 3 and threads 1 and the memory goes up to 200/300Mb.
this is acceptable value. I think resolved with this settings but I need some days for mark solved.