Whenever I run runserver on manage.py on my terminal,i always get these error codes. Please help am in need of assistance

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From what I can see in the image, it appears that you’re running this on Windows. Please identify what versions of Python and Django you’re running.

Also, from what you’re showing of the directory list, this appears to be a brand new project.

Are you starting this from having run the startproject command? Have you done any editing of either the settings or urls file?

Good day,thanks for the heads up. I’m new to this tho

Yes am running it on windows,am using python latest version and django version 2.1

I used django admin to create the projec

Please be more specific as to which version of Python you’re using, but it’s highly unlikely that it’s a version that is going to work with Django 2.1. (In fact, Django 2.1 is past end-of-life)

See FAQ: Installation | Django documentation | Django for Python version compatibility.