Where is user table?

I am brand new to django and I am trying to have a go with the user authentications systems. First problem I have ran into is where is the user table? Where is it stored? Where is the python/django models?

I have set up postgresql as the default database, and so I expected there to be a user table in it, but there is not and the project works with user logins…what is this witchcraft?

When you execute python manage.py migrate for the first time, Django will apply migrations related to users, permissions and groups. You should look for a table named auth_user.

Can you show the content of your postgres db?

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Yes I found it. My issue was being incompetent with postgres. I did not properly select the db when trying to look for the table. Duno why I would be that stupid considering mySQL I have to do the same thing i.e. selecting my db then listing the tables.

So ya, looks good

 Schema |            Name            | Type  |   Owner   

public | auth_group | table | devserver
public | auth_group_permissions | table | devserver
public | auth_permission | table | devserver
public | auth_user | table | devserver
public | auth_user_groups | table | devserver
public | auth_user_user_permissions | table | devserver
public | django_admin_log | table | devserver
public | django_content_type | table | devserver
public | django_migrations | table | devserver
public | django_session | table | devserver

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