Where is x:y in "url x:y"?

My apologies for the newbie question, I’m trying to follow the flow through an app. I have a form with the action is <% url ‘x:y’ %>, and I thought that meant “directory x, file y”. Except I’m in directory x, and reading file y, and the name ‘y’ doesn’t appear anywhere else in the file.

How do I find what x:y is referring to?

Have you worked your way through the official Django tutorial yet?

If not, that’s your best first-place to start. It’s going to provide you with a lot of important fundamental principles that you’re going to need to know when working with Django.

Yup, I’ve done that, and am currently working through William Vincent’s book. I don’t recally the reference to “x:y” type stuff in the tutorial, which is why I’m asking. If I missed it, or misunderstood, please tell me which page and I’ll happily go back and read on it.


It’s all on page 3.

See Removing hardcoded urls in templates and Namespacing url names

Thanks! I’ll give that a read.


Thank you! I was able to track down the view in question, from a custom_url file. Now to figure out how to test it. :wink:

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