Why am I getting a CSRF Token missing when in fact it's there?

I have a Vue app and I am making requests to a Django Rest Framework endpoint, well a few. It was working fine yesterday and I was able to submit and save content. Today I keep getting the same error
CSRF Failed: CSRF token missing.

But if I look in the dev tools I see this:


So how is it missing if it is right there?

Second question:

What is the use of this setting if no matter what it still gives you a CSRF error?

CORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST = (“localhost:8080”,“”)

CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS = [“http://localhost:8080”, “http://*.”, “”,“”,]

I’m assuming that these:

are the cookies being submitted with the request.

What about in the request itself, does your POST data contain the csrfmiddlewaretoken field?