Why doesn't list_display support double-underscore notation?

I don’t understand why the ModelAdmin.list_display option doesn’t support double-underscore when:

  • many other ModelAdmin options already do, such as ordering and search_fields (docs)
  • it’s a common case that would be used by everyone
  • a version is implemented in this package

I’m new to Django, so perhaps there’s a reason I’m unaware of?

Probably it’s because no one has added it :man_shrugging:

Try searching for a ticket, and if you can’t find one, create it! https://code.djangoproject.com/ You can add me to the CC field - my username is adamchainz.

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Sorry, forgot to add you to CC, and I don’t see a way to do so now.

I CC’d myself, thanks!

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Looks like my ticket has already been closed, and marked as a duplicate of this ticket:


That ticket is 13 years old, and hasn’t been modified in 6 years.

So… now what?

Well, someone needs to work on it! Do you have time? It’s unlikely to get fixed just sitting there.

If you want to try, check out the guide: Contributing to Django | Django documentation | Django and the first patch tutorial: Writing your first patch for Django | Django documentation | Django

I imagine there’s some code you can reuse from admin features, and the package you referenced.

I’m nowhere near that level, I only recently started using Python and Django.

I’ll just make do with the django-related-admin package in the meantime. Thanks!

Well good luck levelling up, I hope you can gain the skills to take on the contribution challenge soon!