Why is django-python manage.py collectstatic collecting all the project folders and files?

When I run the python manage.py collecstatic, it’s supposed to get all the static files, as usual, both for the admin panel.
Note: I am using React.js as the frontend library, so I don’t have any static (css/js/images) in the static folder. I only want the static files that are powering the admin section so I can put them on AWS S3, but when I run the python manage.py collecstatic, it literally collects all the project folders and files (manage.py, dbsqlite, e.t.c.) into the staticfiles directory.

Please, has anyone encountered this issue or had an idea of what’s going wrong? If yes, how did you fix the error?

Update 1

Could the issue be due to the fact that I am in a virtual environment?

Most likely it’s a configuration issue. To try and resolve it, we’d need to see all the static-related settings along with a description of the directory structure of your project.

You were indeed right; I missed a static setting in the project main urls.py. That’s the issue.
As soon as I added the line, I was able to collect static again perfectly well.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction.