won't let you create a superuser

I am trying to create a superuser but at the moment of entering the password it stops entering any key does not respond, how to fix it. I tried AI’s advice, but nothing happensю

The createsuperuser command does not echo the password being entered on the screen. Type the desired password and press enter, then it will ask you to retype that password to ensure you didn’t make a mistake.

I have a new problem, and since this dialogue has been created, I’ll ask you again. I’m trying to enter the site and go to the admin department, and I get the message that an error has occurred and I need to contact the developer. I was expecting it to be like in this documentationһttps://docs.djangoproject.com/en/4.2/intro/tutorial02/
but something didn’t match, even though I did everything exactly according to the instructions

You need to provide all the details from the error, as they are shown in the command line window where you are running runserver.

Side note: I would suggest that you don’t get in to the habit of thinking:

In more than 99% of the cases where someone is reporting an issue with the tutorial, it’s because they did not do “everything according to the instructions.”

When learning a new system like this, you will be a lot better off if you adopt the atitude that “I have made a mistake, I need to find it.”