Working with multiple model classes having similar fields

I’m working on a project of “Price comparison” website with Django, MySQL and Scrapy. Using MySQL as django database backend and connected it to Scrapy throgh pipelines using Djangoitem. I’ve scrcaped data from multiple online shops each of them having same fields and stored them in the database. Each of them having their own individual table or in this regard model class. Now my approach is to make it like a price comparison website. But I couldn’t figure out what relation do i need to make among those tables to bring them together and how.

  1. At first I want to separate them based on their category of course.
  2. Then in the product detail(detail view) page i want to have the product with less price with description first. and on that same page i need to make a list(list view) of all the other same product ordering by their price and links and others info.
    I have something in my mind to work with django-filter for the views and pandas dataframe to work in the database.
    Do I need to make a single datatable combining all the shops class? It’ll get ugly to have all the products from different shops in the same table also there are similar products from different shops.
    Or do i need to create many to many relationships among all the tables products?
    Or Is there anything better way that I can do for completing this . Any hints or guideline will be helpful from the respective community to give me the best approach to start with.