2 view for 1 form ¿Is this correct?

I am interested in implement a questions-ansewer(A,B,C,D style) web. For this I have a TestQuestions(model) model (containing many questions with its correct answer), an another model for save user answers UserAnswer(model). I can see in the template the first question, but i don’t know which classview i need: FormView, CreateView, etc. A view for filter questions to show in the template, and another view for save user answer.
How should I put it?

TestQuestion(model) → View(with filter) → Template → View → UserAnswer(model)
What type of view should I use in this case?


The standard class-based views render a form (when appropriate) and processes the form response - it’s only going to be one view to do this.

Are you looking to put multiple questions on a page, or one page for each question?
(My answer’s going to be different depending upon what you’re trying to do.)

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