accessing js outside of django proj

I have recently taken over a project for someone that left the company. I am new to django and no one else in our company knows it. I am trying to recreate the project on my own to really understand it. One problem I have is that I have some js files outside of the django project. They are not in the ‘static’ folders.

I setup a django project and it is working fine until it tries to reference the js file outside of the django project.

file structure:
index.html - this has a ref to createTicket.js
in file:

As you can see the js_lib is at the same level as django_proj.

How do I get index.html to see ‘/js_lib/createTicket.js’ ??

Everything else is running fine, I see the index.html page, just get an error (404) on the createTicket.js.

I am running the development server.
python django_proj\ runserver

thanks for any help

I may well be wrong but it looks like someone set up STATICFILES_DIRS for this. Or they might have set up a load of custom views that serve up files. It’s quite an eccentric Django project layout!