After package django project with pyinstaller, with manage can't execute other commands defined in other python packages

with development mode, after install django-q python package, you can run python qcluster releated with django-q.
Also you can check all the custom defined commands and django out-of-box commands with python help command.


But after package django project with pyinstall, there isn’t a file, instead of manage.exe(window) or manage(linux) executable file.
then try with manage qcluster will raise error:
Unknown command: ‘qcluster’. Did you mean sqlclear?
Type ‘manage help’ for usage.
then check with manage help it only shows django out-of-box commands, without any custom defined commands.

So how to solve this problem? some extra configuration with pyinstaller .spec file?

It’s not common to install the entire project as a package. It’s more common to install individual apps.

There’s a difference in the files being created when you use the django-admin startproject command - it’s that command that creates the,,, and

You don’t need the file - it really only does three things:

  • sets the ‘DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE’ environment variable
  • imports a function from
  • runs the command that follows it on the command line

If you have the other files you need, you can perform those functions yourself.
(But it would be highly unusual - and generally unwise - to have a package containing your project files such as