AI for recommending a product based on attribute or certain features that are taken over by the user


This is a question for the more experienced who use django or python in general.
Can I find an article on the net about recommending an eCommerce product based on some data I collect?
For example the attributes of a product.

Let’s say my user has the following data

User A: viewed product with the following attributes:
blue color, size M and a blue price range
After a few minutes he began to watch again
Yellow color, size L

How could I score on this data?
Is there a specific formula?
Can you give me a specific article?

This really isn’t a Django topic. It’s not even specific to Python. The questions you raise could be solved using pretty much any language. It’s the algorithms that would be important here, not the implementation.

You might have more success getting the type of answer you’re looking for by raising this question in a Data Science, or Predictive Modeling, or some other similar forum.