Altruistic projects?

Hey everyone :grin: I started learning Django in order to make a prototype (mainly for nonprofit volunteers) but it’s kind of lonely trying to learn and code by myself all the time :sweat_smile:

Anyone else out there working on an altruistic project lately? It’s my favorite thing to learn more about what other people are doing to help others so don’t be shy: I am genuinely interested in hearing more about it :green_heart:

I might put together a (very low stakes, no pressure) co-working session every once in a while, especially for any other folks working solo on early-days altruistic projects. If that piques your interest, just say hi :wave:


I and some others recently got the new Django Social ( website live. It will need some more work, but definitely one for the community to join in and build on as we grow in members and potential functionality.


@nanorepublica I LOVE that!! :partying_face: I’ll keep an eye on that for sure and maybe help set up a group near me sometime

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