Engaging new contributors to the Django project

Hello @carltongibson

I am a community manager of a community seeking to drive open-source contributions. I want to encourage members of the community to contribute to Django. There are many ways to go about this, including organising a virtual workshop session.

I would love to plan this with the Django community, so I have decided to put this out here and tag you. Is this something we can do?
I am open to everyone’s thoughts on this.

Hi. Can you say more about this community you run? It’s difficult to respond with zero details to go on. Thanks.

The name of the community is Open Source Community Africa, Awka.
The community lives on Discord and Whatsapp. It is a community of beginners in open source. The goal of the community is to help members contribute to open source projects in different ways ie technical contributions and non-technical contributions.

We organise activities centred on open-source contributions.

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@lumenCodes Sounds good. Others should be able to input, but these are my initial thoughts.

Hopefully if DjangoCon Africa goes ahead, and I’m able to attend, I would help to run a workshop then, but that’s very much up in the air right now.

Here are the notes to the DjangoCon Workshop I’ve run a few times now. There’s not much to them: it’s more being in a room together on going through the getting started parts of the contributing guide together. My feeling is that this doesn’t really work in virtual space, since most of the issues that come up are quite specific ones, that you really need to be around a computer to address.

Have you managed to engage with the rest of the Django community in Nigeria? I’m not sure where to point you there, but likely you could find who’s doing what and where through your local channels?

If you have a regular online meet-up, it might be that you can get folks to give a talk or something like that.

The forum here is also a good place to post specific questions.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks @carltongibson. I really do not know about the Django community here in Nigeria also most of the community members are new to open source.

I can make arrangements for a virtual talk during one of our online events.

Thank you once again.