Another Django Rest Frame and React web application

Here it is:

Sorry for not going into too much detail.

I’m from New Zealand and do Olympic weightlifting. I noticed our results for competitions come out as .pdf files and excel files. That’s not professional!

So I decided to create a database to store our competition results (still in progress).

Here is the code: GitHub - ChristchurchCityWeightlifting/lifter-api: Access athlete and competition results for weightlifting.

Hopefully, you are able to dissect what is going on. There is Django rest API that acts as the interface between the database and the, well, data. I also create a “wrapper” to access the API endpoints, this allows us to pull out data but more importantly a way of inputting data because I’m in the process of turning those PDFs and Excel files into something the API can digest.

There is a React frontend to interface between the data and the user! One cool feature is being able to see all the results for a particular lifter.

This is deployed on digital ocean’s app platform, which is really neat! It looks for any changes in the GitHub repo and auto deploys the code!

Keen for any feedback and questions. Thank you.