Any kind of NAS is complinet with Django


As my web hosting is not complient with Django and I need to buy a NAS (I like Synology), I would like to know if one of you has an experience to deploy Django on NAS. If yes, which NAS do you experient that?

In order word, I think, that as long I can install Apache and Python3 and a Database on the NAS, I could deploy my Django App, isn’t?

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That’s pretty much it, yes. I’ve deployed Django on systems as small as a Raspberry Pi.

(And it doesn’t need to be Apache, either. You can deploy Django behind nginx among others - or for internal use only, it really is ok to use Werkzeug or Django’s built-in server using runserver. I run some “production” instances of Django using Werkzeug - they’re very limited instances, so that’s all that’s needed for them.)

Dear KenWhitesell
Thanks for your reply!
Otherwise, is there a good web hosting for Django (as a future option)
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