Hosting for Django

Hello everyone!
This is my first post here - so please don’t be too hard in case I missed the Category.

Previously I was using PHP and Laravel but now I started to experiment with Python and Django and I really like it.
So I would like to use it for my real projects.

But I’m struggling with the hosting.
Since I’m a hobbyist and a “one man band” developer, I don’t have too much money and I don’t have too much time to learn “server deployment/configuration/security/etc…”

So what are my options ?
I would prefer if there is “out-of-the-box-droplet” solution with Python and Django installed and ready and then I just setup domain name(s) and pull my source-code.

How do you host your projects ?
Please suggest me some reliable solution.

Try Heroku or Divio :slight_smile:

As Adam wrote, Heroku is a good start.

Will S. Vincent deploys to Heroku in his books, which I can recommend, certainly for newcomers to Django. I found them very helpful when I started playing with Django.

Another option I think that is worth mentioning, and the one I use to deploy my Django apps these days is Dokku. It works a bit like Heroku, but it is open source and you can deploy it yourself on your cloud/server of choice.

I also recommend Dokku. It’s easy to install, just follow the docs here: and run it on either or DigitalOcean.

I use

Their pricing is good - they have a free tier and their documentation is excellent.

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I use this too, its free tier is good and robust for pet projects and configuration is easier too.