Are there any Django IDEs?

I’m self-learning Django and at this point, I’ve gone through Chapters 1-3 of and the official django docs tutorial01 (working on tutorial02 now) and I have a nice book by Arun Ravindran entitled Django Design Patterns and Best Practices 2ed published in 02018 but the instructions in it for the first step of the first project seem to me to be broken.

But in these tutorials, I’ve been using vim as a text editor and I have a feeling that there probably exist some nice Integrated Development Environments for Django that might speed the process for me. I guess Sublime Text would be a step up over vim, but is there a proper IDE for Django? Maybe people just use Eclipse with Django extensions or something?

I am using PyCharm. With the professional version you can directly create a Django Application.

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I’m using VS Code. I like it quite a lot, but it takes some time setting it up properly. One reason I like it is because I’m also working on other code-bases, like C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, (even pascal) . I have mine set up to use git version control - and that’s pretty cool.
It’s grown on me after a pretty steep learning curve, but the more I use it the more cool things I find out it can do.


@FordSubmariner go with PyCharm Pro edition, you won’t regret this. Its exceptional auto-import and code inspection functionality helped me a lot when I was starting with Django seven years ago. Today PyCharm is even more powerful.

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At the end of the day, the IDE is up to you as they all can do the same things with proper environment setup.

Personally, I use VSCode, but I have close friends who use PyCharm and even Vim.

I’ve also seen success using Sublime and Atom.

It isn’t a bad idea to get used to multiple IDEs because different work environments could default to certain IDEs (it’s also useful for job searching to say you have experience with multiple :slight_smile: ).

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