Help with text editor

Almost every django guide suggests using wysiwyg editor for example TinyMCE or CKEditor. But almost no one use it in the internet. Youtube, disqus, reddit even this forum use very simple text editor that just add tags to a words and that’s all.
Could you please tell me which text editor is really popular in django? Because I don’t want to learn things that no one need.
Thank you.

Edit, to people who come into the thread: I won’t remove this for the sake context, but note that this reply was way off the mark, scroll past unless you want to know about IDE’s.

I think most people use an integrated development environment (IDE). Personally I like Atom. There’s also PyCharm, which is a bit slower but has more comprehensive functionality out-of-the-box. I know a lot of people use Sublime Text as well. It’s not very important which one you go with - once you learn one of them it becomes fairly simple to switch to another later on if you want to. I don’t know what you mean when you say “almost every django guide”, but if you search on YouTube for Django tutorials you can find people using different kinds of IDE’s. E. g. here’s someone going through the beginner-friendly Django Girls tutorial, where they use Sublime Text. Here’s another Django tutorial, where Visual Studio Code is used. (note: I haven’t done either of these two video tutorials, personally I started out with tutorials in text, so I can’t vouch for either of them)

So as you can see, there’s no definite choice. Just pick an IDE and go with it, or look around a bit at instruction tutorials for different IDE’s and see if there’s one you think you like more.

No sorry but you didn’t understand my question. I meant this type of text editor.

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If you’re talking about what people are adding to a Django-based site for web-based editing, then it really depends upon what you’re trying to do and how many fancy features you really need.

All of the web-based editors I’ve worked with all work the same way, by tagging elements within your text. What those more sophisticated editors provide are a fancier UI, more menu options for more and different tags, and usually, options for generating different formats of output.

This isn’t really a Django issue. All these editors rely upon JavaScript, so it’s more an issue of what your site needs and what you want to implement.


Nothing special just standart commenting/forum/blog stuff. Bold. Quote. Hyperlink. Code. Spoiler.
And django support. CKEditor is very simple. You just pip install it, add some settings, and change in guide_content = RichTextField() and it works. But I’ve never seen it in a live site.
Something like that would be nice.

You’re fine until:

Loading and using any JavaScript editor from Django is trivial. What you’re really needing to ensure is that when the text is submitted to Django, that it is in a format that Django can render. For example, if the editor saves the file in Markdown, then you want to make sure that your Django and template are configured to render that field as Markdown.

From a usability side, I would want to ensure that the graphical buttons are never required to be used to tag any text - I would find that to get very annoying very fast. One of the things that I really like about this forum software is that I can quickly type my replies without needing to grab the mouse to click on a widget. (And I think I’ve typed my fair share of replies over the past couple weeks.)


There are so many of them so I’m not sure where to begin. I bet that django developers have their favorites. Could you name a few good ones so I can google them and find guides.

I don’t work on sites where non-administrative people submit user-written formatted content through the site, so no, I don’t have a favorite - or really even an opinion.

I’ve only ever implemented one JavaScript editor in a (near) production environment, and that was 7 (8?) years ago - in Drupal, not Django, and I don’t even remember at this time which one it was. I remember doing a quick evaluation of three or four and picking one for the project to use.

I think there’s a rather narrow market for tools like this. In part, it’s due to the amount of spam that any user-supplied content site tends to draw. It’s a lot more difficult than it used to be to keep a site relatively spam free and so I see fewer home-built sites supporting those features.

Oh ok. Thanks for the help anyway.
Also this text editor on this forum is really nice. Would be nice to do something similar.