Automatic staging environments for every branch

Hello everyone,

I have build a service called WunderPreview that gives you a running environment of every branch or pull request of your Django project. You connect it to your GitHub account and if you change something WunderPreview will build your project, deploy it to the cloud and give you a link to your running project. Its like having unlimited staging servers. All you need is a working Dockerfile. (No Yaml file)

I also have created a Django demo project so you can see how your Django project could to be set up:

(it also illustrates how to seed the database (currently only Postgres is supported) with demo data when starting a new preview.)

I am searching now for grown real world Django projects that want to try WunderPreview (for free for now) and give me feedback.

Do you have a project that is over 3-4 years old and where there are enough developers working on it that one static staging server is sometimes a bottle neck?

I would love to talk to you!

You can message me here or at I am happy to jump on a Zoom call with you to help you set everything up.


PS: Sorry for being a bit spammy, but trust me, having running previews for all pull requests makes live so much easier! And you do not have to any of the complicated DevOps stuff!

Oh, and by the way, you can see the preview of the demo project running here:

Ok, so far no one wants to try WunderPreview.

Could you give me feedback if this is because:
a) I dared to advertise my hopefully commercial project in “Show & Tell”
b) you did not read the post
c) you think the idea is stupid
d) something else?

Thanks! :wink:

Since you asked ( :wink: back atcha) - we’re “d) something else”. In short, it’s a tool that wouldn’t apply to us.

All our deployments are self-hosted / internal. For the smaller projects (1-3 users), there aren’t any staging systems. For the larger projects, we use a docker-compose-based environment on one server to run multiple instances of builds in various stages of development / testing. But nothing we write is ever deployed to a “public cloud”, so we wouldn’t see the value in deploying a test environment there, either.

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Thanks for your comment!