AWS migration fail

below code…all doesn’t working…

command: “ migrate”

command: “source /var/app/venv/*/bin/activate && python3 migrate”

command: “source /var/app/venv/*/bin/activate && python migrate”

command: (source /var/app/venv/*/bin/activate && python3 migrate)

command: “source /var/app/venv/*/bin/activate && python /var/app/staging/ migrate --noinput”

how can i fix this error?

2021-09-18 02:26:09 INFO Environment update is starting.
2021-09-18 02:26:48 INFO Deploying new version to instance(s).
2021-09-18 02:26:55 INFO Instance deployment successfully generated a ‘Procfile’.
2021-09-18 02:26:57 ERROR Instance deployment failed. For details, see ‘eb-engine.log’.
2021-09-18 02:26:59 ERROR [Instance: i-0078ca0df61052c94] Command failed on instance. Return code: 1 Output: Engine execution has encountered an error…
2021-09-18 02:26:59 INFO Command execution completed on all instances. Summary: [Successful: 0, Failed: 1].
2021-09-18 02:26:59 ERROR Unsuccessful command execution on instance id(s) ‘i-0078ca0df61052c94’. Aborting the operation.
2021-09-18 02:26:59 ERROR Failed to deploy application.