Billing System for Django

Is there anything like Laravel Spark or Laravel Cashier for Django ?

I’m not aware of any standalone billing solution like Spark in the Django world.

If you’re planning to use Stripe you can get pretty far with their built-in tools, including Checkout (which supports subscriptions, and even offers a hosted pricing page), and the customer portal. You’ll still have to do the work to integrate these tools into your Django app, but Stripe can do most of the heavy lifting.

Another alternative would be to use a boilerplate / starter kit for this. For example, SaaS Pegasus (which, in full disclosure, is my product).

Why should django handle invoicing when the payment processor should?

Square, for example, offers free invoicing, autopay options, reminders, and so on…

I’m not sure if this would work (I’m still learning), but why not automate a process that takes the customer information and sends it to the processor to generate invoices for you?

Agreed. Doable. I am okay with transaction charges or a commission - since its per sale - so if there’s revenue, there’s profit - But I am not okay with an additional flat monthly fee, for example - like $99 per month for using their service.