Django commission type payment through Stripe

Hi, so I have a django e commerce website where I allow users to register their businesses with the website, then list their products on the webiste, users can buy their products. When users do buy their products, 15% of the price of the product goes to us, and the rest (85%) goes to the business. Now I was wondering how do I implement this payment system. A bit of background, I live in Australia so most of the businesses would be Australian businesses, so what bank details (or financial details) do I need to ask them when signing up to make this sort of payment? I can make payment through Stripe but then 100% of the payment goes to my Stripe Account. So I haven’t yet started writing the payment process, just came here to ask for suggestions.

You can use Stripe for that.

You will need to ask businesses to create a Stripe Connect account with you.

Then on a payment you can specify which cut of the payment goes to you and which cut goes to the business. Stripe will collect the payment and manage the payout to the business.

Docs here: Stripe Connect | Stripe Documentation

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