can django handles development of a complete online Uni enrolment system?

Hello, I wrote some script using Python and got executed really good.
I’m about to develop a complete Online University Enrolment & Registration System, but need advice from Python/Django experts if Django can handle complete system development including MySQL as backend.

Would appreciate your advices!


What may lead you to think that it can’t?

Hi Ken!

I think I’m looking for some solid reasons why I should choose this platform over others like php etc…more like an evaluation of platforms

The selection of a development platform should rarely be made solely upon technical issues related to the platforms themselves.

At least as important as those technical subjects are the infrastructure and support issues. Writing the software is only one of the facets involved in the development, deployment, and on-going support of a production-quality application.

What’s the education and training level of your team? How comfortable are you with deploying a Python-based application as compared to one written in php, Java, .NET, etc?

These are just some of the topics to be evaluated when making such a fundamental architectural decision like this.

I’m not going to sugar-coat this - my experience has been that an effective deployment of a Python-based application generally requires more technical skills than some other platforms. While I’ve managed to get Django identified as the general “web platform” of choice, I wouldn’t have even tried to do this if I didn’t have a team that I knew was up for handling it.

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Thanks Ken,

Appreciate your views and thoughts based on your experience.