Can I develop live video streaming website using django?

If yes then what should I need to know before starting, please specify

Live video and text Streaming Application (Web & Mobile)

I want to use Technology: WebRTC, Python, React,, Flutter (App)

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I want also do development and contribute something like that because all doc talking nodejs and python asynchronous but django not. we need to someone to guide us to do that something
webRTC works for asynchronous framework if anyone has ability to create open source project to develop something like it will be cool

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Core Django isn’t suitable for the actual streaming of data. It currently is built around the request-response cycle of a typical http transaction. You could build your website around the streaming protocols using Django, but to do the actual streaming, you would need to use a different component.

If you’re committed to as a protocol / API / interface, then you’re effectively talking about using it on both ends of the connection as there’s no published standard or governance process around the management of that protocol. (Yes, the website provides a reasonably detailed description, but there are plenty of holes that can only be understood by reading the code used to implement it.) The authors are free to modify, extend, and update it at will, putting all independent implementations at a disadvantage.

So if you set this up behind a server such as nginx, you could direct the web requests to Django, while directing the streams to your node.js server.



thanks for your valuable time

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Can’t say for sure about gjango, but anyway, I think reading this article will help you a lot to not make any mistakes while developing a video streaming website:


thanks for your response

Thanks For asking this question and also for the discussion. I also want to learn the process if possible.

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It’s likely the live-streaming bits of the website won’t use Django, I hope that this article will help you to develop a live streaming website How to create your own Video Streaming Website? | by Nandini Ramachandran R | Feb, 2021 | Medium

Django supports more than just request response lifecycle of things.

Django has support for asynchronous task which involves livestream m

You can do this with Django channels.

I know this is pretty old, but in case you’re still looking; AWS IVS offers a robust, easy-to-implement streaming service and set of features!