Cannot login to django admin panel after changing password

Hi everyone, I hope you are fine.
I have a superuser in django admin and the problem is that when this superuser changes his password, he will be redirected to the django admin login page and when the superuser enters correct username and password in the admin login page, it gives an error that is “Please enter the correct username and password for a staff account. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.”, but I am sure that both of the username and password fields are filled correctly; I will thank if anyone help me to solve this problem.

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Are you using the standard Django views, models, and template or have you customised anything?

What mechanism are they using to change their password?

Have you verified that the password is correct using the Django shell?

Hi dear Mr. Whitesell, I hope you are fine.
Fortunately I have solved my problem by hashing the password that the code is:


Thank you for the time that you have spent for this question.

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Hey Mr.Ghias, I am having the same issue can you please guide me on how did you solved this error.
Would be so grateful for you.
Thanks in advance for helping