Django Admin Password forgotten

I created admin user and added some other users to build an authentication form login form. I then loged out the ADMIN and tried to login but i forgot the password. I need to reset my admin password . Could you plz help me how to figure it out.

Open a shell instance:
python shell

Grab your User

my_user = YourUserModel.objects.filter(email="").first()

Thereā€™s a management command changepassword that allows you to reset any password from the command line.

I run this code and it says ā€œNameError: name ā€˜YourUserModelā€™ is not definedā€

It says changepassword is not recognised.

Please provide the exact command line you used to try running it, along with the complete error message that was returned.

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C:\Users\hp\Downloads\WEB DEV WITH PYTHON AND JAVASCRIPT\airline>django-admin changepassword Nooh
No Django settings specified.
Unknown command: 'changepassword'
Type 'django-admin help' for usage.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\WEB DEV WITH PYTHON AND JAVASCRIPT\airline>

This is the complete code u run.

You would run this command as python changepassword. See the docs at the top of that page.

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Thank you sir. I resolved the error. You are right i should type python instead of py.