Cannot Use Frontend Website Templates In Django

Hello guys I am learning
I want to create a website using django as the backend but not as a frontend.On the front end i wish to buy a website template from colourib and use it.

I have been following a you tube video from Telusko but by my programme never works exactly as the one i am watching on Telusko especially where i want all the static files of the website template to load.

From what I can see quickly, they produce Wordpress templates - I don’t see where they market Django templates. You’re going to have a lot of work to do to migrate a Wordpress template to Django.

As I am not familiar with the wide variety of tutorials out there, I always recommend people start with the Official Django tutorial and / or the Django Girls tutorial. Both cover the use of static files in templates.

Thank you sir.
And if i may ask you do you know how to solve a problem whereby the IDE shows an error message of a module not being found yet the module is already installed?

For example i installled an app in my django project but whenever i run the project an error of module not found shows up in my ide