Celery in production

I am looking to use celery in my django app for task scheduling and messaging. My question is which broker should I prefer RabbitMQ or aws SQS. If I use RabbitMQ I would be using the new aws MQ, which might be an overkill since I feel the main purpose of AWS MQ is to allow for enterprises to port RabbitMQ to Aws. Also it would be helpful if the comparison could include cost implications in the choice.

I’d say the answer to most of your questions are highly dependent upon the rest of your architecture and your projected load on the system. Amazon does provide specific pricing information for their services, so if you know enough about your applications profile, you can generate some good estimates regarding costs.
(Side note: We only have one system still using RabbitMQ as the broker. For all our other deployments, we use redis.)

Thanks @KenWhitesell for your patience. My intention with the question was to see if people have experimented around on cost lines.

I was not even considering redis as an option, but turns out it is more suited to my case and much more convenient to use.

Works fine in development. Looking to get more insights after I deploy it.