Seeking Advice on Deploying Django App with Celery and RabbitMQ on Google Cloud Platform

Hello everyone,

I’m currently facing some challenges with deploying my Django application that uses Celery with RabbitMQ as the broker on Google Cloud Platform. The setup works perfectly in my local development environment, but I’m having difficulties when moving to production.

I have a few specific questions and would greatly appreciate any insights or advice from those who have experience with this setup:

  1. Cloud Run vs. GKE: Which one do you recommend for deploying a Django app with Celery and RabbitMQ?

  2. Simpler Deployment Alternatives: Are there any simpler deployment options you would suggest for running long background tasks efficiently? I’m open to alternatives that might streamline the deployment process while ensuring reliability and performance.

Any tips, guides, or references to documentation would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance for your assistance!