Change form content not showing properly.

After upgrading to latest version on 4.2.3 for django it is jot showing forms properly.
Input fields are showing below the labels for all the forms in application.

Screenshot added.

Is this a bug?:beetle:

It’s not a bug - at least not within Django.

Either you’ve got some css that isn’t correct for the current version, or you’re reading the wrong css file, or it’s cached by your browser and not reading the new version at all.

You can examine the “network” tab in your browser’s developer tools to see what files are being requested and you can check the console log for the server to see the responses being supplied. You can also look at the css in your browser’s developer tools to see if you can figure out where that css is coming from.

I had checked for the network tab and console but there are no errors.

Only after upgrading the django version this bug has been occurred.

I also checked for the forms.css if there is any css file that i have been override but i didn’t found.

You won’t necessarily see any error - what you’re looking for is to see if it’s actually requesting the css files from the server, and that the server is returning the files you’re expecting it to return.

As a quick test, you might also want to try accessing your site in an “incognito window”.

Okay i will check on the incognito mode and try to understand the flow.

As i seen in network tab it is getting forms.css perfectly and i also run application in incognito mode but the issue is same.

I also check for other css files to see if there is another issue or some another css is overriding the forms css but i haven’t found anything.

Please post here the relevant request from the network tab and the log from the server showing the block of requests containing the request for the page and the css file.

The “elements” tab in the browser developer tools will show you what css is being applied to each element along with the file that that css is being retrieved from.

No need to check anything now there is only one reason i have found is i had override the fieldset.html which older html so in new version of django they have added a div with class=“flex-container” like as follows:

Param: {{ form.param }}
{{ form.param.help_text }}

What i did is i had change the older fieldset.html with newer and there is one issue also occurring that is error is not appending below the input fields in forms so thats why i have overridden the fieldset.html

Now the issue was solved.

Thanks you for giving me your valuable time. :innocent: