Changes are not applied

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a photo processing app.
In my app, server creates some images which are transparent and some words are on.
They are in the static directories because of some reasons.

Now the problem happens when the app made some changes on the created images and overwrote them, those changes are not seemed to be applied from view(though I found out changes are certainly occurred).

App Structure

  1. My app gave the path to that kinds of images to the template.
  2. In the template, javascript reads the images and draw them on canvases.

I’ll be appreciate if and solutions are found,

Can you verify that the JavaScript is actually issuing the request for the modified file? You should see the request in your server console with a 200 response code. My guess is that it’s possible there’s some caching going on that is preventing your browser from retrieving the new image.

As you guessed, the server returns a 304 response code.
Thank you for the information!!